Michael Stockford

Michael Stockford Michael was born in the plough at Wolvercote in 1931 and has written 2 books: Growing up in Wolvercote 1931-51 which sold out and was followed by 'THEM AND US Memories of Upper and Lower Wolvercote 1900 -1980'. The ‘them and us’ in the title refers to the Wolvercote community divided by the railway and the Canal. Michael could see both from his bedroom window as he was growing up and his interest, nay passion has never dimmed.

In his interview, Michael shared his memories of the boaters who used to tie up on the Oxford canal at the bottom of the Green. He observed that they kept themselves to themselves and rarely came into the pub itself. Young boys, probably teenagers or younger, would be sent to buy a jug of ale for the men. A boy would come to have their jug filled after which a piece of paper or similar was stuck over the mouth of the jug so that the adult receiving it could be confident that the carrier had not taken a drink en route! Hear more of Michael’s meticulous memories at the Oxfordshire History Centre.